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About Zahara's Dream

Zahara's Dream is a women's focused platform driven by a single goal: to do our part to ensure that young women find their true path and have access to the opportunities they need professionally.

Join a community of sisterhood, solidarity and support! 

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Zahara's Dream is a community for and by women!

Are you a woman wanting to join a shared safe space? 

Zahara's Dream is an Energetic Community committed to:

1. Understanding that we are more than enough. We are full. Every day, we choose to be ourselves in our highest and truest expressions and not what others expect us to be. 

2. The virtues of Purpose, Love and Generosity to breathe life into our dreams and support the dreams of other women around us. 

3. Inspiring and aspiring to greatness by sharing our experiences, journeys, and voices.

4. Taking Action: we are built to break the mold and Rise. 

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Supporting Young Women Empower Themselves #BeYouPowerfully and Donating 100,000 #PowerJackets to Rising Young Women by 2030

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